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After the premiere – Mödling: “Louse” and many more events at the Municipal Theatre

After the premiere – Mödling: “Louse” and many more events at the Municipal Theatre

Created April 16, 2023 | 14:00

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Masked in quarantine: Hans-Jürgen Bertram, Fanny Altenburger, Christina Saginath, Balint Walter and (for the first time) Fanny Altenburger at the Mödling Municipal Theatre.

Bettina Frenzel

IThe 17th Century is the setting for the latest production from Mödling’s Municipal Theatre, which premiered on Saturday. And thanks to lockdowns, quarantines, and other issues, it’s as close as it was yesterday.

In London in 1665, an aristocratic couple and two mismatched intruders, a mysterious sailor and an underage girl, both hoping for food and shelter in this house, are locked in a dungeon-like seclusion. A plague is raging outside. Within, soon lurk the struggle for life, hidden longings, disappointed desires, roles, boundaries, and social perversions.

The stage design (Marcus Ganser) with panels built at a large angle of inclination impressively suggests that slipping and sliding are inevitable. Balint Walter bravely embodies the sailor who broke his metatarsal bone the day before and is still playing under these difficult circumstances. Hans-Juergen Bertram and Christina Saginath in disguise as the Sneligraf couple, plenty of applause for Fanny Altenberger as Morse and Robert Stock as the plague-keeper Cap.

Stefan Bruckmayer delivers a thrilling production of Naomi Wallace’s play, where a pandemic of déjà vu is hard to avoid.

You can watch “One Flea Spare – Just a Louse” Until April 29thAnd

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