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Best Series of 2022: We’ve Picked Our Favorites!

Best Series of 2022: We’ve Picked Our Favorites!

The Addams Family films of the 1990s stood out from the rest for their sheer gloom and became world famous as a result. But the aspect that stuck in most minds was the role of Wednesday, who was portrayed by Christina Ricci. How would a remake of these films approach? And how can you even begin to outperform Richie?

Quite simply: with a director’s choice for Tim Burton’s “Wednesday,” which makes you wonder why he hasn’t filmed the material in so long. Additionally, key ingredients to the success of the original films have been captured in the series, meaning the material has remained true. With the help of horror master Burton, the Netflix series has been given its own spin, offering something for both die-hard Addams Family fans and those new to the material.

Tim Burton and Netflix teamed up with the brilliant Jenna Ortega to create an incredibly dark and delightfully satirical scary series. ‘Wednesday’ strikes a harmonious balance between coming-of-age and horror, making it totally right to become Massive success Will be.

It can be seen on Netflix. Here is the chain!

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