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Special Diet and Workout Plan: Jennifer Aniston’s Fitness Secrets

Special Diet and Workout Plan: Jennifer Aniston’s Fitness Secrets

Azubuike’s method, which he calls “periodization,” divides your workout plan into phases of varying intensity. So sometimes Aniston would only train three days a week, and then every other day again. Individual sessions vary in duration and intensity.

“When Jen isn’t in front of the camera, it’s a different stage than when I know she’s about to accept an award — I’m literally crushing her legs in the gym the day before,” said the fitness guru.

To stay in shape, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem to shy away from effort. If she has to, she gets up at the crack of dawn to train. “If she has to shoot at 3 in the morning and we have to rehearse beforehand, we’ll do it.”And the revealed her coach.

When it comes to her fitness routine, the actress prefers variety. “Boxing, jumping rope, strength training” are among the fixed points of the ex-wife’s sports program Brad Pitt. Also, Aniston has been doing a lot of resistance training.

“I love yoga and cardio, but now I prefer interval training. I think variety is important to engage different muscles.”And the She had herself about it FormThe magazine explained.

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