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Betting on Manchester United: A Strategy To Increase Your Winning Chances

At some point in the English Premier League, Manchester United dominated. The team was guaranteed to win almost all their games, and betting on them was easier. However, since Sir Alex Ferguson resigned, the team has been struggling. They haven’t won any major titles. Their last championship win was in 2017. 

Aside from that, they still need to win the English Premier League. Therefore, betting on the team now is as challenging as trying to win consistently with online casino games. Manchester United is a team that has some incredible players, but as a team, they’ve been struggling to produce any significant wins. 

However, they offer some exciting odds, making bets on them lucrative if you can get it right. Therefore, many punters are tempted to look their way since they still have one of the best squads in the EPL and across Europe. So, if you’re among the different punters that want to try betting on Manchester United, you should check this article out. 

We’ve put together a strategy that can increase your chances of winning throughout the season. You must remember that some results would be out of hand, but if you follow this strategy, you will have a better chance of winning than betting blindly on the team.

Avoid the Moneyline Market

You should avoid the Moneyline betting option when you want to bet on Manchester United. The issue is that one can’t tell how the team will perform because, in the last couple of seasons, you have to see how the team begins the game before you can tell how they would perform. Therefore, it might be different if you bet on them to win. 

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Manchester United is not a team; you can place straightforward bets on them. In that case, you should review other betting options to make it easy for you to make your bets. You can look at their trends against the team they are facing to see their stats and what they bring to the game on each occasion. 

Bet on the Goals Market

To bet on Manchester United, you should consider the goals market. The team has top-notch goalscorers like Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, etc. You can count on the team to find a way to get a goal. Also, their defense has been poor in the past few years, and they’ve continued to concede plenty of goals. 

Therefore, you can expect them to concede and score, making both teams’ score or over 1.5 option a good one. However, you shouldn’t focus on only that option because it won’t work out like that every time. In that case, you should mix and match the bets to improve your gambling experience. 

Hedge Your Bets

It doesn’t matter if you’re betting on Manchester United or any other team; it pays for you to hedge your bets. However, this works better when you have enough money to cover all the bases. In that case, you should spend the time to go through the possible options to make the right decision. 

The good thing is that it is easier to make picks when you decide to hedge your bets. Although the return won’t be massive because the bets are safer, you will have a better win rate. Finally, you should try making your bets based on the current stats and what the teams did in their last games. So, take trends and stats seriously. 

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Focus on the Opponent

When making your bets, you should focus more on the opponent because Manchester United will play the same way they did in the last match. However, what the opponent brings to the game will determine how it will go. Therefore, you should focus on the other team and how they’ve fared against Manchester United. 

Betting against United is difficult because you can’t tell when they will perform. However, you can use your research for the opponent to determine whether they can get a goal. That way, you’ll know if the team is strong enough to handle the full strength of Manchester United. 

Betting on United is a challenging task. However, you can make money if you understand the team and how they fare against their opponents. For instance, Manchester United against Chelsea will likely end as a draw, with both teams scoring two or fewer goals each.