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Tour Preview – Facesmith The Throne of Winter looms on the horizon

Tour Preview – Facesmith The Throne of Winter looms on the horizon

What seemed like a fantasy a year ago may become reality after a strong spring and an even more impressive fall season. Wiesmath will play in Zillingdorf on Sunday afternoon and could win the winter crown with the trio. Zillingdorf are only 11th, but have scored far more goals in front of their home fans than away from home. Wiesmath has also had a tough time against the league’s newcomers this season: “The fall champions don’t mean much to me, but we got 49 points this year and we want to finish an exciting year well. We didn’t beat any of the Newcomers yet, it will be a tough battle against Zellingdorf.” The last time the two teams met was seven years ago, when Zellingdorf won 2-1.

Local duel with wrong signals

Three weeks ago, in the duel between Peyton and Lanzenkirchen, everyone would have guessed Felber’s team. Peyton sat on the throne for two weeks before managing to get just one point in the last three matches. The Violet team, led by new coach Michael Rothensteiner, managed to achieve their first win in ten weeks on the twelfth match day. The current form curve speaks in favor of Lanzenkirchen, but given the table situation, it is clear that they have to favor the home team. In the 3-1 defeat to Innsfeld, Peyton coach Manuel Felber complained that his players were not 100% focused. On Saturday afternoon, he would like to be able to paint a different picture: β€œIt’s derby time, I would like to see a reaction from my players, that we are more present in some situations.” There was probably a lot to discuss during the match. week.

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Derby in the end

Since Fred Danter took over as coach of Aspang, the standings have begun to climb. There have been two wins, including a surprise win this week in Scheiplenkirchen. Aspang still has the red lantern in his hand, but he may hand it over to Lanzenkirchen or Neunkirchen if he wins this week. However, the task may be easier, with a tough challenge facing Grimmenstein, who is still in the race for the top three with 22 points. The Greens, led by coach Bernd Dorner, want to end the first half of the season on a romantic note in front of their fans in the derby. “Assange is a team that never gives up. It’s a derby that we definitely want to win. We have the opportunity to create a great starting position for the second half of the season with three points, and Dorner expects his boys to give their best effort.”

More games

Friday at 7 pm: Schieplenkirchen II – Weissenbach (Koraoglu).

Saturday at 2 pm: Neunkirchen – Oberfaltersdorf (Deutsch), Sollenau – Ennsfeld (Altindas); 3:30 p.m.: Zubern-Trumau (shoemaker).