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Betze News |  FCK travels to America in the summer

Betze News | FCK travels to America in the summer

1. FC Kaiserslautern will prepare for the new season in America this coming summer.

1. FC Kaiserslautern will hold part of their summer preparations in the US.
imago images/Jan Huebner

As part of the summer preparations for the 2023/24 season, 1. FC Kaiserslautern will make a three-week trip to the USA in June 2023. At least one test match against Minnesota United FC is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28, 2023 at Allianz Field (approx. 20,000 spectators). A separate ticket contingent will be provided for Latterer fans.

“We are very much looking forward to completing our training camp in America during the summer. It will certainly be a great new experience for everyone involved,” FCK managing director Thomas Henken said in a club statement on Thursday evening. “Football in America and especially MLS has grown a lot in recent years, so we will see great conditions for our training camp there, but a fascinating task and a big game challenge with a friendly in Minnesota. United can adjust in pre-season,” the 48-year-old insists. .

Such a journey is a glimpse beyond one’s own nose through which one can gain new impressions and insights.

This is the third trip to America in the club’s history for FCK, whose current squad includes a former US international in Terence Boyd. The Red Devils last flew across the pond in 1992, a year after winning their third championship. The famous Walter-Elf also toured America for three weeks in 1957.

But Kaiserslautern and the USA have more in common than these “guest shows”. Due to its proximity to US Base Ramstein, Americans and US culture have contributed to the cityscape and life in and around “K-Town” for decades. Americans also regularly attend FCK games. In 2006, the United States national team also played a World Cup group game in Betsenberg. “We at FCK have always had a great connection with America because of the many Americans who live in the area around Kaiserslautern, so it’s something very special for us to go to America and represent German football,” he emphasizes. Hengen asserts: “Such travel is a look beyond the horizon, through which you can gain new impressions and insights.”

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