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Severe hurricane damage in the US

Severe hurricane damage in the US

A tornado destroyed parts of Selma, Alabama. The city said on Facebook yesterday that most of the city’s streets were closed due to downed power lines and trees. Rescue teams are working to provide aid and clear the streets. The public was asked not to go outside. Children should not leave school.

The storm surge also extends into the northeast. A tornado was spotted near Atlanta International Airport in the state of Georgia, the busiest airport in the US by passenger numbers. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, planes may be temporarily grounded due to severe storms.

According to the US Weather Service, more than a dozen tornadoes have been recorded in Alabama in the past few hours. The tornado also caused severe damage in the northeast part of Selma. There were also injuries in northern Alabama, according to the Weather Nation transmitter. According to Alabama disaster management officials, CNN broadcast reports that there have been no deaths so far.

According to, more than 100,000 homes are without power in Alabama and Georgia. A U.S. Weather Service tornado warning is in effect for Alabama, Georgia and Florida through the evening local time.

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