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BFV Indoor Masters - Yes, No, Maybe: Masters question is open

BFV Indoor Masters – Yes, No, Maybe: Masters question is open

The BFV Indoor Masters was held 36 times from 1984 to 2020, only in 1988 the FA National Indoor event was canceled. In March 2020, after the last release so far, the Covid pandemic caused it all – since then BFV Masters hasn’t happened either.

After two screens (2021 and 2022), the 37th edition could take place in January 2023. At least the magic of the gang (anymore) should not fail because of Covid. It is doubtful whether the inner masters of BFV could actually occur on the planned date (January 14). Because to get a worthy final, you also need an equal number of qualifying tournaments to do justice to the situation. Remember: Tournaments can be held from the end of November to the beginning of January – 1st, 2nd and 3rd places earn Masters qualification points. The top seven teams qualify for the final tournament, as well as the defending champions. In this specific case, this is SC/ESV Parndorf, eight-time Masters champion and last winner of 2020.

“It is not yet clear how many tournaments will actually take place in advance.”

If the system is to be maintained, it will remain fully open for the upcoming indoor season whether there are in-house masters at BFV. Carl Schmidt, BFV Office Manager: “It is not yet clear how many tournaments will take place in advance. It is important to assess what makes sense and what does not. Our Game Committee will meet on November 7, and then a decision must be made on whether we will play at the Masters level that aim for it or not.

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It is clear that compared to the last qualifying stage in 2019/2020, not all organizers at that time will offer gang charm again. The Raica Cup organized by SC Oberpullendorf in the gymnasium at Sport-Hotel-Kurz, for example, where two championships were held, will definitely not be held again. Meanwhile, the former football hall has been converted into a solid tennis hall as part of the alterations to the Burgenland Tennis Academy.

At SV Oberwart and SpG Edelserpentin, traditional organizers in southern Burgenland, those responsible for the upcoming winter season have already raised their hands.

It’s not clear if Drassburg will stage its own indoor cup – longtime indoor champion Neuberg wants to stage a tournament independently of any Masters. SV Forchtenstein’s Rosalienpokal is being planned in Mattersburg as well as the Kirchfidischer Championship. Whether the number of indoor tournaments will eventually be enough for the BFV Masters tournament, or whether there will be single events without qualifying for a grand final, is currently completely open. But it has already been fixed: the state of futsal in Burgenland has not completely improved during the pandemic.