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Toni Polster Fighting For His 3 Uncalculated International Goals - Football

Toni Polster Fighting For His 3 Uncalculated International Goals – Football

While Marko Arnautovic only recently replaced Andy Herzog as the Austrian Football Association’s record player with 104 caps, Toni Polster’s 44-goal record for Austria remains relatively certain.

The 58-year-old is still 10 goals ahead of Arnautovic, who is now 33. But in fact the introduction could be greater. A few weeks ago, there were reports that this number could not be correct.

“In fact, I scored 47 goals,” Polster himself confirmed in an interview LAOLA1. “The three goals deducted from me were scored in alleged unofficial internationals. This does not really exist – an unofficial international. It is scandalous and unfair.”

Three unranked international players

How did the former attacking star come up with this bill? It’s easy to explain. During the national team’s training weeks, there were sporadic friendlies against other countries, but they did not count as official international matches.

This also includes the 1984 Vaduz matches against Liechtenstein (6-0), Tunisia in 1987 against Tunisia (3-1) and Toulouse in 1988 against Morocco (1-3) – Polster scored in each of these matches. . The number of goals that do not appear in his official streak is 44 for ÖFB.

“I would really like to get those three goals back. From my point of view, I definitely scored 47 goals for the Austrian national team,” said Polster, for whom this desire would probably be difficult to fulfill.

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