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A man was killed by a brown bear in Slovakia

A man was killed by a brown bear in Slovakia

On Tuesday, TASR reported, citing police, that the autopsy clearly showed that the man from the Liptovska Luzna community had died as a result of a bear attack.

Serious injuries to the neck and face

“The bear’s traces were visible everywhere,” an eyewitness told the Novi Kass newspaper. The dead man sustained a deep wound to his neck and severely injured his face.

The Slovak Environment Ministry emphasized that the incident should not be misused to put the protection of existing species into question. The country’s natural wealth also included bears, wolves, and lynxes. There is an emergency team in place in case the brown bears lose their fear of humans. However, he was not upset. The ministry called on hikers and tourists to be careful in the forest.

Up to 1,600 brown bears live in Slovakia

It is estimated that about 1,200 to 1,600 brown bears live in Slovakia, mainly in the mountainous regions of the center and north of the country. However, there are relatively few collisions with people. The large mammals are legally protected in the EU member state. Liptovska Luzna is located about 190 kilometers northeast of the capital Bratislava (Pressburg).

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