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Biden apologizes for “Liberty” and “Bell” turkeys

Biden apologizes for “Liberty” and “Bell” turkeys

As of: November 20, 2023 8:38 pm

It’s a tried-and-tested Thanksgiving tradition — and a good deed of the day for U.S. President Biden on his 81st birthday. He saved “Liberty” and “Bell” turkeys from fate as holiday treats.

“Liberty” and “Bell” will escape on Thanksgiving – thanks to US President Joe Biden. Two white turkeys weighing nearly 20 kg from Minnesota were pardoned in front of the White House.

Both birds are named after the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania, the national symbol of freedom and liberty in the United States. So these two birds “have a new appreciation for the words ‘let freedom ring,'” Biden said.

Composition of music in lecture

Biden, who celebrates his 81st birthday today, jogged into transition to the lecture but couldn’t make his short appearance across the stage without a mistake.

Both turkeys had to overcome difficult odds to get to the White House for the pardon, he said. It was “harder than getting tickets to the Revival tour or Britney’s tour.” It’s too hot in Brazil right now, Biden said — and apparently confused singers Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.

Both turkeys were pardoned for Thanksgiving, “Liberty” and “Bell.”

Turkeys move to university

The two turkeys have now returned to chilly Minnesota and are spending their sabbatical at the university’s agriculture department there.

The tradition of pardons can be traced back to President Abraham Lincoln. Apparently his son asked him to save a humble turkey from the fate of the roasting tube. However, in the late 1980s the pardon became an annual event only under President George H.W. Bush.