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Börse Express – Lesaffre strengthens its presence in the US

Börse Express – Lesaffre strengthens its presence in the US

Lesaffre, a major global player in fermentation and microorganisms, announces continued investments in the United States to strengthen its geographic presence in the region, respond to growth in nutrition and health and better serve its customers.

Lesaffre has been in the United States since 1978 and employs more than 600 people at its yeast, bacteria and baking ingredients factories, Baking Center™ and corporate headquarters. The group continues to grow through several capital investments and acquisitions, expanding its footprint and adapting to the new needs of its customers in the fields of nutrition, healthcare and biotechnology.

With the goal of feeding 9 billion people by 2050, Lesaffre is investing in both new facilities and research and development to be as close as possible to its customers and provide them with better solutions without limiting resources to lose sight of the Earth. Further expansion in the United States is of strategic importance to Lesaffre, which is why numerous investments were made in 2023.

10th fermentation for a yeast factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

To meet the growing demand in the nutritional and biotechnology sectors, Red Star Yeast, LLC, on August 31 introduced a new fermenter. This additional capability in the bakery, nutrition, health and biotechnology sectors provides flexibility and adaptability to customer needs and enables Lesaffre and Red Star Yeast Company to find even more solutions to tomorrow’s food challenges.

New dryer for yeast extract plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

At this location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, Lesaffre’s pet food and hygiene division, Phileo, invested in a new dryer to meet growing customer demand.

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Access to gene editing technologies

LeSaffre gained skills from a Massachusetts-based life sciences company that focuses on naturally derived molecules that benefit human health, joining the LeSaffre Institute of Science and Technology. The investment expands the capabilities of Lesaffre’s Recombia Biosciences division in metabolic engineering, with new laboratories opening in November 2023.

This new investment will enable Lesaffre and Recombia to explore the potential of plant metabolites produced through precise fermentation processes using bacteria and yeasts and their various interactions with microbes.

Lesaffre – Together for better nutrition and protecting our planet.

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