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Biden Double Vaccine Target – VG

As expected, President Joe Biden brought the news of the vaccine at his first official White House press conference: The United States aims to deliver 200 million doses in the next 35 days.


From the White House East Room, Biden began the press conference with the big news:

In December, on the 100th day of his presidency, he announced a goal of setting 100 million vaccines.

That goal has now doubled.

Over the next 35 days, the goal is to reach 200 million. The original goal was reached last week.

Introduction: Joe Biden during his first official press conference on Thursday. Photo: LEAH MILLIS / REUTERS / NTB

– I know it’s ambitious – to double the goal. The president said no other country was nearby.

Positions in 2024

– My plan is to run in the re-election. “That’s what I imagine,” Biden told reporters.

He hopes it will be with today’s Vice President Kamala Harris:

– She’s doing a good job. She is a good partner.

Biden spoke in detail about China at the press conference. This applies to both trade rules, national borders and human rights violations. He spoke about the importance of cooperating democracies in Australia, India, Japan and the United States.

– We will make sure China is held accountable and follow the rules, Biden said.

Warns North Korea

Within a week of North Korea launching two ballistic missiles, the US president warns:

– We collaborate with our partners and associates, and the consequences will be if this situation escalates. We will respond in the same way.

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100 million payments

Biden also spoke at a press conference about US crisis packages:

– More than $ 100 million in payments of $ 1400 have so far been transferred to People’s Bank accounts. This is real money that is in people’s pockets, giving immediate relief. Millions will get their money’s worth very soon.

Biden said more than half of the schools for children between the ages of 5 and 14 will soon reopen to students.

– We are approaching that more than half will be open. I hope this goal can be achieved within the next 35 days.

Concluded: The President leaves after the press conference. Photo: LEAH MILLIS / REUTERS / NTB


Biden said of immigrants reaching the U.S. border from Mexico:

– Tens of thousands of people over the age of 18 and coming alone – they are being sent back to their homes. The majority of the families who come – they are sent back. We are working to get more of these families adopted by Mexico. Kids coming alone – here we work quickly to recreate the system.

The US treatment of immigrant children has received much criticism. Biden was asked what he thinks of the conditions at one of these facilities in Texas:

– This is completely unacceptable and work is underway to change this, Biden said. He also promised access to these facilities to the media on the border with Mexico.