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Widespread stock market crash in the US after the central bank report – E24

The arrows on Wall Street go down after signals from the US Federal Reserve.

Down: The country’s major stock markets, with the world’s largest economy, begin to decline on Thursday.

Mary Altafer / A.P.


After a completely red Wednesday, there is a negative continuation in the stock markets in the United States on Thursday. According to CNBC This is in line with the new statements of Federal President Jerome Powell.

– We will gradually withdraw the support we provided in times of crisis, he tells the NPR.

The central bank governor insists that the cuts will take place over time and with great transparency, as the economy recovers.

In the beginning, it looks like this for the main codes on Wall Street on Thursday:

  • The S&P 500 was down 0.47 percent
  • The Dow Jones industrial average fell 0.42 percent
  • The Nasdaq composite is down 0.8 percent

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Oil prices fall after the corona worries

Red background

On Wednesday, all three indices closed, and several major technology stocks fell sharply.

The next day, stock markets plunged in large parts of the world. Chinese technology stocks have plummeted after US regulators again threatened to expel companies from US stock markets.

Two hours before the Oslo Stock Exchange closes on Thursday, the core index is down more than 1.5 percent.

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The decline in the Oslo stock market is increasing


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