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Biden eases his predecessor Trump’s stance on Cuba

US President Joe Biden has significantly relaxed the policy of his predecessor Donald Trump on Cuba.
Image: A.P.

In the future, it will be easier for Cubans to get a visa. American money transfer and travel to the island should also be simplified.

uS-President Joe Biden opens a new chapter in Cuban politics and corrects the difficult course of his predecessor Donald Trump. Government officials said Monday that the United States would ease some of the restrictions on sending money to loved ones during the Trump era and speed up visa procedures for Cubans. Cuban people are to be issued 20,000 visas a year. As part of a restructuring of Trump’s actions, the limit on remittances to relatives, previously $ 1,000 a quarter, will be removed and donations will be made to non-family members. “We will ensure that money is sent to the Cuban people, while not enriching those who commit human rights abuses,” officials said. U.S. companies and citizens will continue to be barred from doing business with companies on the embargo list for their involvement with the Cuban government or military. Traveling to the island should also be simplified.

During his tenure, Trump withdrew most of the easing measures taken by his predecessor, Barack Obama, against the communist-ruled Caribbean government.

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