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Dominic Duri: 2 years later his end is USA / US Supercross Lites West

Dominic Duri (Yamaha) made a firm decision as a private with P14 at the Supercross West Coast Championship. His contract with Club MX Yamaha has come to an end. In his new Vlog he talks about the future

In the last race of the season Salt Lake City, Schneiberg’s German adventurer enters the final of the East / West Conflict for the first time. Qualified with P10 For the evening show. The initial flow of the East / West clash is basically similar to the West Coast final on the game. துரி He started well and stayed in the P4 behind the final champion in full lap Chrisதியான் Craig (Yamaha), The winner of the day Nate Trash (Yamaha), And Chris Empty (GASGAS). Then Pro Round Kawasaki pilot Yes Shimoda He approached Germany from behind and overtook him, but was in 5th place துரி In the end Happy.

Rarely is there one துரி The race was viewed with much excitement in the United States afterwards. His current vlog Light shines all over his face. After this decision, the actual final match was actually only freestyle. துரி This time he came out of the gate badly and only found his rhythm at the end of the race. With P18 He was very disappointed. But it must be assumed that in this match he had to deal with completely different opponents than usual. If you count the East Coast finalists participating, it’s just like that துரிThe result is still in the first place-10 End on the west coast.

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OK though now P10 Or P18This no longer had any impact on the end of the championship. துரி The season ends 14th overall. “Apart from the problems I had at the start of the season, I’m satisfied at the end. I finished 14th in the championship, 43 points higher than last year. I’m taken a big step forward, especially in the last few races, which will definitely make me look better next year.”

His vlog Expressed himself துரி And about his future. With Team Club MX He will definitely not continue. “There is no mutual interest in working on anything for next year,” he explained. “But things are still going on in the United States. I still do not know how, what, but it certainly is happening துரி Confident.

Travel in June துரி On the way from America to Europe. It takes place on June 25 in Hesse MacBook The ‘Riders Day‘ instead. Next துரி Tom and Tim Koch will also attend. Are in training Motocrosser From all areas, from juniors to recreational drivers to professionals.

As a result Salt Lake City 250, West Rating:

1. Nate Trash (USA), Yamaha (West)
2. Hunter Lawrence (AUS), Honda (West)
3. Yes Shimoda (JPN), Kawasaki (West)
4.Michael Mosiman (USA), Casco (West)
5. Chrisதியான் Craig (USA), Yamaha (West)
6. Chris Empty (USA), Casco (West)
7. Jalek Swelling (USA), Husqvarna (West)
8th. Carson Brown (USA), KDM
9.Vince Friesian (USA), Honda
10 Dominic துரி (D), Yamaha

Final Championship score after 10 runs 250 West:

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1. Chrisதியான் Craig (USA), Yamaha230
2. Hunter Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 220, (-10)
3.Michael Mosiman (USA), Casco, 197, (-32)
4. Yes Shimoda (JPN), Kawasaki, 162, (-68)
5. Nate Trash (USA), Yamaha126, (-104)
6. Vince Freese (US), Honda), 152, (-78)
7. Chris Empty (USA), Casco, 120, (-110)
8th. Garrett March Banks (USA), Yamaha), 117 (-113)

14 Dominic துரி (Eng), Yamaha65, (-165)