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Biden explains weak debate with jet lag

Biden explains weak debate with jet lag

US President Joe Biden admits his recent appearance Presidential debate The confrontation with his rival Donald Trump was not the best.

“Not my best evening”

The 81-year-old did it. The reason for this was jet lag after two trips abroad in early June. “I didn’t have the best evening,” Biden said Tuesday during a campaign rally in McLean, Virginia.

He decided to travel around the world several times before and around the debate. 100 time zones to cross“I didn’t listen to my colleagues and almost fell asleep on stage.” This is not an excuse, but an explanation.

No disease

Biden traveled twice last month. Two weeks to France and ItalyHe flew in the middle of the night from the G7 summit in Bari, Italy, to attend a fundraising event. Former President Barack Obama in Los Angeles On June 15 before returning to Washington the next day.

He then spent six days at Camp David preparing for the June 27 debate. Biden was attended by representatives of the US presidential office. Poor performance during debate due to cold He returned. Biden did not mention the illness during a fundraiser on Tuesday.

Tie between candidates

Biden's performance in the debate against Trump Cash is guaranteedThe US president is facing calls to withdraw his candidacy. One in three Democrats think Biden should end his re-election bid after the debate, according to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.

However, in a hypothetical comparison with Trump, he lowers There has been no better Democratic candidate than Biden. Despite the controversy, the poll finds Both candidates are tied in the race. About the presidential election on November 5. Trump and Biden each have the support of 40 percent of registered voters, indicating that Biden has not lost any ground since the debate.

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