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Biden leaves Afghanistan to its own devices

Biden leaves Afghanistan to its own devices

IRehoboth Beach in South Delaware was actually the weekend Joe Biden is expected. The US president owns a vacation home in the seaside resort. The local press had reported the closure of a park with a helipad – an indication that the president had been expected. Instead, Biden spent the weekend at his home in Wilmington, upstate.

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Washington-based North American political correspondent.

He may have found that beach photos should be avoided for the time being. In Afghanistan they continued at the same time Taliban Their progress continued. Over the weekend they captured several cities, including Kunduz. A week ago, the Pentagon already said that things are not going well in Afghanistan. This was related to a statement Biden made a month earlier when, in the face of a Taliban attack, he was forced to defend the decision to withdraw his soldiers from the Hindu Kush by the end of August. He said it was “not inevitable” that Islamists would take power again. The fate of the country is in the hands of the Afghan leadership. Does that mean that he believes the Afghan security forces are capable of defending the territories they control? Or should it just mean: You have to do it on your own now?

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