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Biden touts a new partnership with Africa

US President Joe Biden called for a new and deeper partnership between the two sides at an African-American summit. If Africa succeeds, the United States will succeed. “Then the whole world will succeed,” Biden said yesterday at the meeting with the heads of state and government of 49 African countries in Washington. No international challenge can be mastered without Africa. “I’m not trying to be nice. It’s true,” Biden said.

In an apparent unraveling of China, the president said the United States wants partnerships with Africa “not to create political commitments and dependencies, but to achieve shared success and shared opportunities.” At the same time, the US President stressed the importance of good governance: “Africa’s economic transformation depends on good governance, a healthy population, and reliable and affordable energy.”

The US government has announced that it will invest $55 billion (about 52 billion euros) in Africa over three years. The money is set to flow into, among other things, health care, measures to combat climate change, infrastructure and technological development.

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