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1.5 million confiscated in the EU corruption scandal

1.5 million confiscated in the EU corruption scandal

Eva Kayli, former Vice President of the European Parliament, stresses that the large sum of cash in her Brussels apartment does not belong to her or her partner, but to a third party.

In the corruption scandal surrounding the European Parliament, the Belgian police have so far seized nearly €1.5 million during house searches in the Brussels region. This was announced by the Belgian Federal Police on Twitter on Wednesday. suspected of corruption European UnionPolitician Eva Kayli said that the large amount of cash in her Brussels apartment does not belong to her or her partner, but rather to a third party, one of her lawyers said on Wednesday evening.

The decision regarding Kylie’s continued detention has been postponed to Thursday of next week. The reason for this is a strike in the prison where Kylie is being held, her lawyer Andre Resopoulos told the Belgian newspaper L’Echo on Wednesday. That is why she was not taken to the Palace of Justice in Brussels. Kylie remains in custody at the moment.

The 44-year-old Greek woman, Kylie, is one of six suspects arrested in Belgium since Friday in a corruption scandal involving the European Parliament. On Sunday, the Belgian judiciary issued arrest warrants for her and three others. They are accused of involvement in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption. It is noteworthy that the Gulf emirate of Qatar, which is currently hosting the FIFA World Cup, has tried to influence political decisions in the European Parliament with financial gifts and goods.

On Wednesday, the Belgian Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that two suspects remain in prison for the time being, following a court decision. The pretrial detention against them was confirmed on Wednesday. A third suspect is still “in detention, provided that he wears an electronic card.”

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Kylie maintains her innocence

According to the statement, the two suspects who are still in prison are FG and B. Kylie has since been removed as Vice President of the European Parliament. Through her lawyer, she protested her innocence.

One of her lawyers, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, told Greece’s Sky TV on Wednesday night: “Ms. Kylie asked her partner about the amount of money.” The partner replied that the money belonged to someone else. Afterwards, Ms. Kylie said she would not allow anyone else’s money to be kept in the shared flat. Because of this, Kylie’s father took the bag with the money and made his way to a hotel, where the unnamed recipient was supposed to be.

According to the information, Kylie wants to plead not guilty. Dimitrakopoulos revealed part of the strategy in an interview with another Greek TV station: “Countries like Qatar, Kuwait or Oman had no reason to give Ms. Kylie money because she had nothing to offer them,” he said. You give money if you get something in return. However, Ms Kylie only implemented the policies of the EU Parliament, he told Open TV on Wednesday night.