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Biden visits hurricane-hit Kentucky

Biden visits hurricane-hit Kentucky

In Mayfield, Kentucky, the scale of the devastation is enormous

After a devastating hurricane series that killed dozens, US President Joe Biden plans to visit hard-hit Kentucky on Wednesday. Biden had promised the victims government support and now wants to get an idea of ​​the situation. Over the weekend, tornadoes left a trail of devastation in Kentucky and other states such as Tennessee, Arkansas and Illinois.

More than 70 people were killed in the state of Kentucky in the southeastern United States alone. Biden had confirmed that he did not travel to the region immediately after the disaster so as not to be on his way. “The destruction is massive. I mean, there is nothing left,” he said. Homes or businesses were simply “eliminated”. For the United States, this is the latest in a string of natural disasters. This year alone has seen many storms, floods and wildfires. Biden sees the accumulation and severity of disasters as a result of climate change, which has made disaster control one of his top priorities.

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