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Big disappointment: penalty kick increases Dortmund’s frustration over Champions League farewell | Message

The fact that referee Carlos del Cerro Grande (Spain) started the turn in favor of the English with a controversial penalty decision added to coach Eden Terzic’s frustration with the long-term departure of the BVB team from the royal class: “We had a big dream, it is now after three from four games, We made one more turn. Based on that, the disappointment is great. “

After a 1-0 lead by 17-year-old Judd Bellingham (15th place), the “global sensation” had been hoping for Hans-Joachim Vatske, managing director of BVB, seemed within reach. However, the penalty kick taken by Riyad Mahrez (55) was a knockout blow to BVB (Borussia Dortmund). The national player Kahn, whose head jumped from head to arm while trying to defend himself, has made no secret of his anger: “I think the rules say it’s not a hand. If we get a penalty because of it and lose the match, it’s bitter.”

Terzic agreed with the defensive player – with all appreciation for the guests’ “deserved success”: “Every year we have referee training sessions where the rules are explained to us. Before the season, we were clearly told: If you look at yourself fighting the hand, that is not illegal. Lee it’s very annoying and not a criminal handball. ” In addition, the soccer teacher noted the questionable cancellation of a goal by Bellingham at 1: 2 a week ago in Manchester: “We had no luck with the referee’s decisions in the past seven days.”

But the clearest words of the criticism found TV expert Dietmar Hamann and pointed out that there was no “room for interpretation” in this rule. “These are scandals. We brought in video evidence to make it fairer. If things like this are not returned, I don’t know if the video evidence has a future. The video evidence has been buried for me today,” the former footballer – professional at Sky complained .

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City coach Pep Guardiola saw it differently. “A very clear penalty. I had the feeling that his arm was relatively far away,” the Spaniard said in the opinion of the television pictures.

For the fifth Bundesliga match from Dortmund, you should have bid farewell to the lucrative European elite division for at least a year. With seven points trailed in fourth place, renewed qualification to the competition appears currently unlikely. The only title option left this season is the DFB Cup, where Dortmund will meet second-tier Holstein Kiel in the semi-final at the start of May.

However, Terzic has yet to give up hope for a successful spurt in the Bundesliga final. The two good games against the “citizens” made everyone want more. The coach promised, “We will put everything into the rest of the matches to have another chance like this next year.”

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