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FK Austria Wien: touchdowns on the edge - football

FK Austria Wien: touchdowns on the edge – football

“License denied: FK Austria Wien (financially)” – 47 characters in Tuesday’s Bundesliga broadcast means Violet’s next low hit.

2013 is still in the UEFA Champions League, 2021 without the first division being approved in Austria. The deaths of the record German champions stunned football fans across the country.

FAK has no time to recover from this trauma. Time is of the essence, the situation is very delicate. Austria has a week to save itself.

The protest period ends on April 21. Until then, “new evidence is permitted”, per the Association’s rules. However: “It is not permitted to make changes to the audited annual financial statements or to changes in the amount for the forecast, the budget and also the liquidity plan.”

Insignia waves it away

According to Kroon, seven million euros are missing for a positive second-class licensing decision. The decision will be made on April 27th. Then you have to go to the permanent impartial arbitration tribunal.

What is actually missing is unclear. AG Board Member Markus Kraetschmer doesn’t want to comment at the moment, but will be focusing entirely on protesting for now.

At the beginning of March it seemed that the greatest evil had been avoided. With “Insignia Group” the club has introduced a new strategic partner. “We are in financial safety,” declared Kraetschmer. The promised bank guarantee was not supposed to be fixed.

On the day the license was denied, Luka Sur, sent by Insignia to the Violet Board of Directors, declared: “Obtaining the license has never been an obligation of us.” The group’s commitment seems questionable every day. The liabilities of 78 million euros push Austria into the land. Little or no maneuvering space.

To make matters worse, there was apparently a punch and stabbing aboard the sunken ship. Loneliness no longer appears. Kraichmer, who for decades was ultimately responsible for the club’s economic fortunes, is clearly allowed to continue.

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Supervisory Board of Austria Wien AG:

Function Person Activity
Executive Director Mag. Marcus Kretschmer
Head of the Supervisory Authority Mag. Frank Hensel
Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Kurt Golwitzer CEO of Wien Holding GmbH
Supervision platform Mag. Harald Himmer ÖVP Federal Council, management consultant
Supervision platform Mag. Gregor Pilgram CEO of Generali Versicherung AG
Supervision platform Joseph Oystrick Special
Supervision platform Double. Action. Johann Plenninger OMV Board of Directors
Supervision platform Diplomat Joseph Brull General Director Leipnik-Lundenburger Invest Beteiligungs AG, former Deputy Chancellor
Supervision platform Dr.. Johan Sering Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Energie Burgenland AG
Supervision platform Julian Jagger Director of the Board of Directors of Flughafen Wien AG
Supervision platform Mag. Marcel Harraszte Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rewe International AG
Supervision platform Andreas Rodas President of Arthur D. Little GmbH

Club president Frank Hensel is said to have pushed for a one-year contract extension with full payments made on his own. The Supervisory Board of the first degree, which could not be excused from guilt, reportedly nodded verifiable to various wrongful decisions, speaking largely against Kraetschmer’s whereabouts.

Bankruptcy as a director?

One way out would be “Corona Insolvency”. As Bundesliga Board Member Christian Ebenbauer explains at ORF, Violets can seek a redevelopment. “If the insolvency official says yes, you can get the license if the restructuring process is completed by March 3, 2022.” This bankruptcy must be reported by April 21.

A special rule in the Corona pandemic says: Instead of a forced relegation, Austria should remain in the German league in this case, but it will start with a six-point deduction and you should not spend any money on additions for two seasons. Players can bring free transport. However, in the event of bankruptcy, current players in Austria will have the right to terminate their service and can in turn exit for free.

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Robert Zadrazil, Chairman of Austria and Chairman of UniCredit Bank Austria AG, should not be a fan of this alternative. After all, according to reports, Violet took a loan of about 50 million euros from the Bank of Austria.

With Gerhard Kreich, who had been a high-ranking employee of the bank for many years, the association’s largest creditor had recently had a store manager as an additional member of the AG board of directors in Austria.

Video: This is what club legend Andreas Augres said about Austria’s drama

(The article continues below the video)

If the economic problems were practically solved at the last moment, there are still many question marks. Because as far as the sport is concerned, not much has been clarified for the upcoming season. With Peter Stöger, the Sport General Manager leaves the club. Contracts for the entire combat team’s training team expire.

The athletes in charge of Stöger, Alexander Bade, who will also leave, and Ralf Muhr are preparing various decisions about what budget will be available in the future, but they don’t know.

Mathematical question marks

Rumors that Austria is practically promoting those men who already have contracts underway are circulating. A pony (again) can become head of the sport, and violet coach Harald Suchar, who turned down an offer from SV Ried in the winter, could take charge of the pros.

In any case, major disruption is imminent in the team. A total of 13 contracts expire, including those of Alexander Grunwald, Michael Maddell, Stefan Zwerchitz and Thomas Ebner. Christoph Munchen also does not have a contract after the season, he must look for a new job.

Manprit Sarkaria has already done so, he signs for three years with SK Sturm – again a self-made player from which FAK cannot make any capital (All information >>>). Generally speaking, it is difficult these days to earn reasonable transfer fees due to Corona. It’s all the more difficult when overall athletic performance is below average and hardly anyone can make their way into the spotlight.

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If Austria wants to over-convert in the summer, Patrick Wimer is the hottest candidate for relocation. The 19-year-old is high on the wish list of one of the best clubs in the Bundesliga and has inquiries from abroad. Dominic Fitz and Benedict Pichler are two other candidates for the transfer.

And an emblem? Alexander Borsac, Merab Jordan and Luca Sur are allegedly involved in the team’s planning for the upcoming season, and they always suggest potential new players. The financial viability is unclear, however.

However, “rescuing” adolescents should not be a problem. The second team of Al Ittihad must continue to play in the Second Division. But even if there is a positive licensing decision, it is a basic requirement

Tasks are varied, committees are divided, time is running out. Austria’s struggle for survival is very difficult.

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