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Big Request for Bonus Fix -

Big Request for Bonus Fix –

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If the cell phone screen has a crack, the repair may not pay off. Unless you use the fix bonus for it. And this is done eagerly, as evidenced after the first few weeks.

Mobile phones, laptops, home appliances

“We were surprised by the high demand,” says Eva Rosenberger, who is responsible for the areas of waste prevention and recycling at the Ministry of the Environment (BMK). There are 54,000 coupons currently in circulation, 38,000 of which have already been redeemed. In the case of 16,000 vouchers, the procedure was completed after the inspection and the companies were reimbursed for the costs.

Smartphones, laptops, and classic home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and coffee machines are the most frequently requested repair vouchers. This voucher covers part of the repair costs. All this is paid for with EU money.

Support up to €200 per repair

Support is 50 percent of the invoice amount including VAT per device, up to a maximum of €200. Even with a cost estimate, 50 percent of the cost subsidy can be obtained. Here the upper limit is €30 per cost estimate. In any case, the support amount is limited to a maximum of 200 euros per device, including the cost estimate.

Each voucher is valid for three weeks

The support amount will be deducted directly from the invoice. Important: A separate coupon must be created for each device, and this is valid for three weeks. Unlimited number of vouchers per person. All the details are there over here .

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“It takes less than five minutes to download the receipt,” Rosenberger says. You have to enter your name, date of birth, contact details like address, email and phone number and you can instantly create a receipt. Your first and last name must match the information on the registration form. The voucher can then be downloaded to the mobile phone or printed. In addition, it is also sent by e-mail.

Find the right partner companies online

The voucher can only be redeemed at one of the 2,000 repair shops across Austria participating in this campaign. Which companies are there too? Clear. There is also an overview of eligible devices for the campaign.

“The voucher can be redeemed for repairs of electrical and electronic appliances that are typically used in private homes,” Rosenberger says. This includes appliances that are powered by a power cord, rechargeable battery, battery, or solar panel.

Access to repair bonus even without internet

The list of devices includes household items, gardening tools, smartphones, computers, laptops, electronic devices, consumer toys, fitness equipment, and much more. The list is constantly updated as devices that are not yet included keep appearing.

This list can also be filtered by nearby repair shops. It has been criticized for being only available online as not everyone has access to the internet. This has now been changed as far as the list can now be printed. Municipal offices can now publish a list of partner companies in their area for inspection. The companies themselves will also help fill out the form, according to Rosenberger.

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No spare parts for old devices

The AK complains that there are too few partner firms and they are too far apart. And according to Rosenberger, it could happen in the countryside. “But the large number of coupons redeemed speaks for itself.” The problem is that sometimes devices that are so old are fixed that there are no spare parts left.

for which there is no funding

Not every repair is funded, there are exceptions. For example, the repair of passenger cars, hybrid and electric cars is not funded. Appliances that require non-renewable energy sources such as natural gas, gasoline or diesel to operate – eg gas stoves and gasoline lawnmowers are also exempted.

The exception also applies to devices that produce electricity but do not run on electricity, such as photovoltaic systems. Also excluded are weapons and lamps, as well as all appliances for which the warranty or guarantee still applies, or whose repair is covered by insurance.

130 million euros for the repair reward

The funding campaign will run until mid-2026. The funds for this come from the European Union Recovery Fund, an EU-wide economic stimulus package worth billions compiled in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In Austria, 130 million euros is available for the repair bonus alone.

“The goal of the campaign is to help re-establish a culture of reform,” Rosenberger says. The current crises will show that this is more important than ever. “And it’s cheaper, too.”