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Big Surge: Study: Business in Apple’s App Store Grows by a Quarter in 2020 – Apple Stocks Finally in Red | Message

Thus, the App Store platform enabled sales and sales totaling $643 billion (about €526.6 billion), an increase of 24 percent over the previous year. The bulk of it, $383 billion, was for the sale of tangible things. It was $86 billion for digital content and services. The numbers were calculated in an independent study by economists from the Analysis Group and presented by Apple on Wednesday.

In the past year, the effects of the aura were clearly visible. According to the study, the travel business ($38 billion) and driving services ($26 billion) fell more than 30 percent. In contrast, there was a 40 percent increase in articles and digital services. For digital businesses, Apple collects a fee of 15 or 30 percent.

The Apple App Store system is currently under attack. The European Commission accuses the iPhone group of unfair competition in the field of music streaming apps. With a lawsuit in the USA, gaming company Epic wants to make sure it and other game providers can run their app stores on the iPhone bypassing Apple. Apple asserts that the App Store is a profitable platform for app developers and at the same time protects users from fraud attempts.

According to the study, advertising in apps amounted to $46 billion last year. According to this, $36 billion was made from food deliveries and $22 billion from the sale of food.

According to the study, about 90 percent of developers earn less than $1 million annually. For them, Apple cut the tax on digital business from 30 to 15 percent last fall.

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Apple shares were 1.22 percent weaker at $123.54 at the close of trading on Nasdaq.


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