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Big tech update for Polestar 2

Big tech update for Polestar 2

New engines, more range and now rear wheel drive for a single variable engine.

The Swedish premium manufacturer Polestar has given its five-door Polestar 2 hatchback a major refresh. The core of the technical review relates to energy storage. With the 2024 model year, the model benefits from improved cell chemistry, which greatly speeds up charging the batteries. The maximum charging rate is now up to 205 kW direct current for the long-range version and 135 kW for the standard version. Essentially, the larger battery capacity from supplier CATL increases to 82 kWh, which increases the maximum range by 105 kilometers to 592 kilometers according to WLTP. Still the smaller battery, now supplied by LG Chem, has a capacity of 69 kWh. However, the range of the standard single-engine version increases by 40 km to a maximum of 518 km according to WLTP. The absolute king of range is the new version of the long-range single-engine variant, which according to the manufacturer can drive up to 635 kilometers without a charge.

More efficiency and performance with Polestar 2

The update also brings massive changes to the engine, which benefit efficiency and performance in equal measure. Models with only one engine are powered by a newly developed permanent magnet motor, which increases output from 170 to 220 kW (300 hp). It takes just 6.2 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. With the twin-engine model, the new rear engine is now the primary drive source and is powered by a new asynchronous motor on the front axle. As a result, the Polestar promises significantly improved traction, higher overall efficiency, and higher performance. The latter is estimated by the Swedes with 310 kW (410 hp) and 740 Nm of torque. Among other things, the fact that the front engine is completely shut off once it is no longer needed contributes to increased efficiency.

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Polestar 2 technical update improves carbon footprint

Gothenburg-based sister brand Volvo has positioned itself as a leader in sustainability since its foundation: by 2030 at the latest, all models must be rolled out of factories in China and the United States with zero CO2 emissions. The fact that the vehicle’s technical upgrade is primarily used to improve climate balance is completely new, said Sustainability Officer Lisa Bolin, in an interview with SN. “

With the Polestar 2, improved battery chemistry is by far the biggest lever for reducing our environmental footprint. “A ton per vehicle basin – so far the value is seven tons. A full life-cycle analysis is scheduled for 2023. Impacts on the climate can also be reduced by reducing vehicle performance.” Performance Manufacturer, Go However, we choose the path to achieve improvements through innovation in the first place. “

The model year 2024 Polestar 2 can now be ordered online in Austria at to be ordered. First deliveries in Germany are expected in the third quarter of 2023. Prices start at €48,790 for the Standard Range Single Motor variant, the top model with two electric motors and a maximum range of €63,490.

Source: S.N