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The Hans im Gluck restaurant chain is also represented in Vienna »Leidersent

The Hans im Gluck restaurant chain is also represented in Vienna »Leidersent

| Editorial Board

| 08/09/2023

In the middle of a central office complex, they want to attract the lunch and dinner crowd with vegetarian, vegan, and meat options.

The burger scene in Vienna has been enriched with a new chain. The German gastronomy concept “Hans im Glück” moves to the Quartier Belvedere and offers the hungry office in the adjacent office tower lunch and dinner options for different diets. In the evening, the focus is on the bar, where cocktails are mixed from €9.90.

Menus with or without burgers

Lunch menus with burgers and fries or salads and drinks are available until 5pm, and cocktails are available in the evening. Alternatively, three bowls are served, from €14.50. “Hans im Glück is a vegetarian, vegan and meat lover,” says the operator. This promise is also maintained by a variety of vegetables from vegan patties based on walnuts, falafel or olives. When it comes to meat, the classic choice is beef (such as “Wild West”) or chicken breast (“Eitler Gockel”).

Vienna Restaurant is not the first branch in Austria. The first location in Germany opened in Kufstein in 2016.

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