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Biggest sandstorm in more than a decade – VG

Beijing’s sky turned yellow on Monday due to a combination of pollution and the biggest sandstorm in more than a decade.


People marched outside the Chinese capital on Monday with glasses, masks and hair nets to protect themselves from suffocating winds.

Many well-known landmarks, including the banned city and the country’s state broadcaster’s unique headquarters of CCTV, were somewhat obscured, which could best be described as a catastrophic veil of dust and sand.

City officials ordered all schools to cancel outdoor activities, and those suffering from respiratory illness were asked to stay indoors. Some highways were partially closed.

Air quality is deteriorating due to a sandstorm from Mongolia, which, according to officials, is the largest in more than a decade to hit Beijing, and local pollution.

In Mongolia, 6 people have been reported dead, and 81 people are missing in strong winds and sandstorms in neighboring China.

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