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Burning rage against Chinese economic interests

Burning rage against Chinese economic interests

It was a bloody week in the former capital Yangon, but also in smaller cities in Myanmar. The situation is even more chaotic as the internet was shut down last night and it is difficult to get information to the outside world.

It has been confirmed that at least 51 people were killed over the weekend by the military, police and security forces under the control of the military junta that seized power six weeks ago. A military emergency has been declared in Yangon’s Hlingtaya district.

Warns China

Hillingdia is a district with textile factories and small businesses that has grown over the last 15-20 years. Many of these are funded by Chinese companies and investors. End customers are often large international textile chains.

This weekend, Chinese-owned factories were set on fire. Several thousand protesters blocked the roads around the factories to prevent firefighters from entering.

“Only two factories have been set on fire. If you want to do business in Myanmar, respect the people. You are fighting in Hingtaya – we are proud of you,” opposition politician E Dinsar Mung wrote in a comment on Facebook.

Qao, the founder of the Burmese human rights network, a human rights organization, wrote on Twitter that Chinese workers in the factories had caused the fire by the military and not the protesters.

He issues a clear warning to Chinese companies and investors.

“Their interests cannot be defended by the fascist army, but only by the Burmese people,” he wrote.

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The Chinese embassy in Myanmar condemned one of the attacks against Chinese interests Facebook comment. The concept field is dominated by over 30,000 laugh emojis, and there are also messages about “stay away”.

– Use all means

E Dinsar lives in secret since he was the most important figure in the Mong opposition. He coordinates the distribution of videos, photos, facts and other information to the outside world. He has more than 400,000 followers on his Facebook page.

“We don’t have to show charity to an enemy who wants to rule dead people. Use all means to fight the enemy,” he writes in a recent message.

He was one of the youngest candidates in last year’s democratic election, when the ruling parties lost. He has led the uprising against the military junta since taking office on the night of February 1 this year.

“People will win and the powerless military junta will lose,” he said several times on social media.

A group of parliamentarians, either undercover or under house arrest, has set up a shadow government committee to represent Pyongyang Huluta to fight the military junta. The jury calls for the formation of CRPH treason, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

– It’s the darkest moment in the country, but dawn is approaching. “This is a time when our citizens are being tested to see how well we can cope with this darkness,” said Mahn Vin Kaing, CRPH’s executive vice president, in a video on the coalition’s website Saturday night.

Towards economic collapse

The regime has forced health workers, banks and factories to work. There are fears that a complete economic collapse will follow the protesters’ call for a general strike and non-cooperation to attack the military junta, which has the greatest economic interests in the country.

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H&M management in Myanmar confirmed to the New York Times this weekend that they have not placed new orders with textile manufacturers in the country.

“We are very concerned about the situation,” said Sergan Tanga, the country’s H&M manager.

On Monday morning, all the banks were ordered to open by default after the largest privately owned banks closed on Friday. Most gas stations are closed. Journalist Hinn Zhou writes on Twitter that the country will run out of fuel.

UN Security Council calls on Myanmar The Special Envoy is calling for a joint response to the killings this weekend.

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