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Bildstein/Husl set the 2024 Olympics as their goal

Tenth Olympian Benjamin Bildstein/David Hussle continues their sailing career together in the 49er race. The duo will participate in the World Cup in Oman (November 16-21) at the end of the year. The long-term goal is to win an Olympic medal at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

“We have reached the top of the world and are sailing with the best teams at eye level. Now we want to be more consistent, win races and get a medal,” said Stuermann Bildstein. Just a month after the Summer Games in Japan, the decision to carry on together matured.

“We had a feeling we had an open bill — and we wanted to sort it out,” Bildstein explained. “We’re not done yet,” Bowman Hussell said. “We have learned a lot and will benefit from it in the next three years.”

Olympic analysis is not complete yet

The Olympic analysis, which began with athletic director Matthias Schmid, coaches Ivan Polaga, Roman Haggara and sports psychologist Björn Crane, is not yet over, and only then will the planning for 2024 be decided. “We’re basically not at this point to score everything. We’re not basically at this point to score everything,” Bildstein said: “Olympic analysis takes much longer than we thought.”

Preparing for the World Cup Oman is short. “We want to realize what it takes to adapt to new conditions in a short amount of time. We want to learn from it and gain experience,” Hussle said, explaining the background. Possible regattas in 2022 include the World Cup in Canada, the European Championship in Aarhus and the racing weeks in Palma de Mallorca And Hayris is an agent.

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