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Sovereign away win: LASK 3-0 win in Armenia!  - Bundesliga

Sovereign away win: LASK 3-0 win in Armenia! – Bundesliga

subordinate Lask He was a guest in the third round of the European Conferences League FC Alashkert Eriwan. The match against the Armenians was by no means pleasant, LASK was lucky in the first half with two shots from the crossbar by the hosts. However, Linz deservedly won 0:2 in the end. Hyun Seok Hong (35), Thomas Goijinger (68) and Peter Mishorl (90 / +2) scored the goals.


LASK began determining the match in the early minutes of the match. However, in the attack, the Linzers were not initially dangerous – Alashkert was more than that. In the ninth minute of the match, it became really difficult for the first time: after a cross from the left side, the solo Embalo rose up and pushed the ball to the crossbar, Bezicourt missed the margin. LASK was in luck – and since then the Alashkert has been a bit more active, driven by the aluminum strike. Embalo, in particular, was uncomfortable over and over again. The Austrians got their first real chance to score in the 29th minute – and that was a lot of fun. Didier Cadio was hit in the head while lying down – the assistant referee saw a hand touch – the referee trusted his colleague and pointed to the penalty kick. Since there was no VAR in the conference league, Christoph München took the penalty. The ball hit the crossbar, and from there to the goalkeeper – and with a bit of luck the homeowners came back from the danger zone (30). A little later, the ball was still wriggling into the net – and this time it was worth it. Hyun Sik Hong grabbed the ball and passed Munchen. When the home team tried to clarify the situation, the ball optimally remained in the penalty area, and Hong deliberately closed it from the backcourt to the right corner. However, the 1-0 score didn’t really calm the match – the next surprise came. Once again it was Embalo who hit the crossbar only from the turn, LASK’s defense ran into a lot of trouble. With brief guidance he went into the cabin.

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Goiginger fixes victory

After changing sides, LASK presented itself on hold. Alalashkert mostly had the ball – but Andreas Wieland’s side stayed up. Thomas Geiginger could have taken the initial decision then on his own two feet. According to Schmidt’s model, Goiginger ran to the goalkeeper alone, and rotated the goalkeeper – but the defender Kryuchkov parried from the line (59). Ten minutes later, Goiginger scored the goal, Karamoko played the ball superbly from the right side in the back of the defense, and only Goiginger was in the position (68). It could have been more clear. Balic’s right-footed shot failed by goalkeeper Jankarvic, while Alashkert captain Hovsipian scraped Schmidt’s margin off the line (71). And the goalkeeper of the host team was able to distinguish himself for the second time: when Alexander Schmidt headed, Chanarevich responded in an artistic style, with one hand he hit the ball from the corner (74). However, in injury time, Peter Mishorl added himself to the list of scorers, successfully landing from 16 meters (90./+2).

So in the end, there was an undisputed victory for LASK, who can already look forward to the second three points in the group.

UEFA Europa Conference League, 3. Round

FC Alashkert Eriwan – LASK 0:3 (0:1)

Alashkert Stadium, Yerevan; SR Maae (DEN)

Excerpts: Ticker FC Alashkert Erewan – LASK

Tor:35.0:1 Hyun-seok-hong, 68.0:2 Thomas Geiginger, 90./+2 0:3 Peter Mishorl

Blond newbie: Čančarevi-Kryuchkov, Didier Cadio, Thiago Camita (78. Nixon), Bolivich; Khurtsidze, Hovsipian; James (67. Yedigaryan), Bezecourt (58. Gome), Papikyan; Packaging

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START ELEVEN LASK: Schlager-Bühler (57. Netherlands), Marisek, Lokender; Botzmann, Michurl, Hong (57th place), Rainer; Karamoko (70th Balik), Muenchen (57th Schmidt), Goegenger (79th Gruber)

yellow cards: 27. Poehler, 62. Putzmann

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Text: Fabian Beer; Foto: Harald Dostal /