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Billa at Stelzhamerplatz in Ried is closed on Saturdays

Billa at Stelzhamerplatz in Ried is closed on Saturdays

“After several decades: Billa am Stelzhamerplatz will soon be closed,” was the headline of the Innviertler Nachrichten newspaper on January 10. After this week, your local food supplier will be closed. On Saturday it will be open until 4pm, and then the long period will end.

Yesterday, at lunchtime, the shelves were still well stocked, and there were only a few products out of stock. In January, Riwi justified its closure by saying that the branch no longer met the requirements of a contemporary shopping experience.

Reid's second Bella Plus

However, the announcement of the closure was not a complete surprise at the time. In Charding, the branch in the town square closed about a year ago, and the Steyr branch also closed. In Reed, the Bella branch on Goethestrasse will close in March 2023.

Most shelves are still well stocked.

The Rewe Group said in January that employees of the Stelzhamer branch would remain part of the team. Many new jobs are being created on Riedauerstraße (former stadium centre). The Bella Plus branch will open there on March 28. We have been working hard on transforming the business space for several months. As of March 28, there will be two Billa Plus locations in Reed.


Thomas Strife

Innviertel editorial team

Thomas Strife

Thomas Strife


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