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LinkedIn chooses the top 10 startups in Austria

LinkedIn chooses the top 10 startups in Austria

LinkedIn has selected the best startups in Austria for the first time. The financial technology Bitpanda prevailed in the first place. The cryptocurrency investment platform was founded in 2014 and achieved unicorn status that year. GoStudent and Waterdrop, a purveyor of small beverages, follow second and third on the list.

This is how the choice was made

For its lists of top startups, LinkedIn evaluates the interactions of 774 million members worldwide and analyzes four aspects: employee growth; interactions on the startup’s LinkedIn page and the profiles of its employees; Interest in the startup company’s job offers and their attractiveness to highly qualified candidates. Only independent, privately owned companies that employ 30 or more people, have been around for no more than seven years and are headquartered in the country on which they appeared. The best startups on LinkedIn are now built in 26 markets around the world.

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