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Billions of pests infect the east of the United States – one catches President Biden

“Take care of the cicadas,” Biden said. “I got one – she got me.”

The American media reported that the accompanying journalists had to change planes because the chicatas were stuck in the engines. Then the new flight took off six and a half hours late.

Rare Landscape: Billions of Chicadas Quartz in East America

Washington and other parts of the country in the east of the United States are now the scene of a rare landscape: billions of cicadas of the “Brute X” type (Roman ten), which appear only once every 17 years, go there. They are inferior to their noise level and can reach 90 decibels and above – comparable to a petrol lawn. Men lure a female partner to breed with deaf teasing. Insects appeared on the weather radar as the chikada density was so high in the Washington Post capital region.

“Brute-X” cicadas dig themselves into the earth as nymphs (like the larvae of other insects), from which they emerge only after 17 years. Then they melt and usually fly into the trees. The animals that have now appeared were conceived in the spring of 2004.