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US: Pentagon orders US troops to focus on China

They only sent it yesterday United States The Pacific on the other hand is an economic signal with a billion dollar package for the technology sector. Now comes the military order. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin officially ordered his company China Concentrate.

Austin said on Wednesday (local time) that his initiative was part of the US government’s larger approach to China. Washington The People’s Republic has been classified as its biggest strategic rival.

The details of the Defense Ministry’s internal order were kept secret. The policy will “revitalize the network of our allies and allies, strengthen the barrier and accelerate the development of new operational ideas, new capabilities, the future armed forces and the modernized civil and military workforce,” Austin said.

The initiative followed an evaluation by a panel of experts under the new US president Joe Biden It was set up in February to investigate the Pentagon’s strategy towards China. According to a senior defense official, experts have identified a “gap” between specific priorities and what is actually happening.

The Pentagon The People’s Republic has already been identified as a key strategic competitor in the 2018 National Security Strategy. However, experts later found that not much had been done Peking Face the issues that come out.

Trade agreement with Taiwan as a signal to China

For the past two decades, the U.S. Department of Defense has largely focused on the fight against jihadi forces in the Middle East. Dealing with China’s sophisticated armed forces is a completely different challenge.

The U.S. military is currently interested in maintaining its presence Pacific To expand. In the region, China is also becoming increasingly aggressive Taiwan, Which sees Beijing as a divided province.

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As a signal, the United States announced it this week They are seeking a trade agreement with Taiwan. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen told a congressional hearing in Washington on Monday that talks on a framework deal would begin soon. China has strongly opposed US plans for a trade deal.

Washington supports the country with arms exports. Taiwan can defend itself, Blingen insisted. It was only in March that a top US military official warned of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

The first meeting turned out to be a diplomatic disaster

The relationship between the US and China in dealing with Taiwan is not only tense. In Python’s predecessors Donald Trump It has cooled to its worst since the beginning of diplomatic relations in 1979. The first large meeting held under the new leadership in Washington was smooth. At a meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries Alaska It came to an open position Fighting in front of the cameras.