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Biologist Vollbrecht wins in court against transgender activists

Biologist Vollbrecht wins in court against transgender activists

Berlin doctoral student Marie-Luise Vollbrecht has achieved the first legal success against transgender activists. They can no longer claim that the biologist denies Nazi crimes.

Marie-Louise Volbrecht, a doctoral student at the Institute of Biology at Humboldt University Berlin, on July 14 at the university before the start of her lecture. This was originally scheduled for July 2, but was then canceled due to protests and held after further protests.

Bernd von Guterczynka / DPA / Keystone

If you want to defend yourself against reputational claims in social networks like Twitter, you have many problems. He has to secure the evidence, take screenshots, and above all: he needs an opponent. However, many accounts cannot be assigned to anyone. Biologist Marie-Louise Volbrecht and her attorney Ralph Hooker have now succeeded in winning the debate about identity and gender in the form of an injunction. The claim that Vollbrecht denies or attributes National Socialist crimes may not be repeated after a decision by the Cologne Regional Court on Monday.

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