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Birthday Party – Rock & Country music and enthusiasm in Amstetten

Birthday Party – Rock & Country music and enthusiasm in Amstetten

With their songs, a successful mix of rock ‘n’ roll à la Elvis Presley, outlaw country à la Johnny Cash and a touch of Udo Jørgens, as they define it, the Buffalo Bells thrilled the audience.


DrThe Buffalo Bells celebrated their 10th anniversary with a great anniversary show and special guests.

The Buffalo Bells from Amstetten have made history over the past 10 years with their rock ‘n’ roll and country music. With all their theatricality, melodramatic pomp and wonderful, lively songs, they conquered the hearts of the listeners. The Buffalo Bells have been touring at home and abroad for ten years and have gained a great reputation as a live band.

On Saturday evening, the cheerful band invited everyone to a big show at St. Stephen’s Parish Hall and did not skimp on the specials. After performances by Fabian Brunner, known as Huizkopf, with his songs in his dialect and the band “Reverend Killboy”, Katharina Hinterberger gave her first performance. With her self-composed songs, all of which she took from her life, she dazzled the audience in the crowded hall.

The moments that the young singer-songwriter infuses in her songs, which celebrate many romantic influences, are some of the most beautiful of this exceptional evening. “The Buffalo Bells” delivers the crowning finale with an impressive collection of rock, pop and country music, which really gets the crowd excited. Frontman Roman Hinterberger was in his element this evening, as a brilliant shower of light flashed across the hall, talking, dancing and dreaming in great pose, picking up the guitar and hugging it, making the hard stuff light up and the rock and country music become one party hit.

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