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Alain Delon: The legend of French cinema demands euthanasia

Alain Delon: The legend of French cinema demands euthanasia

Once “the most beautiful man in the world”, Alain Delon (86) for his son Anthony Dillon Request (57) euthanasia. This was reported by several media outlets, citing an interview with “RTL Channel”. In this, Anthony Dillon told of his father’s desire to initiate the necessary steps for euthanasia. Since the French actor lives in Switzerland, this is legal. In addition, Anthony Dillon promised his father to keep him company in his last hours.

The movie star is said to have even written a farewell letter. “I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied me and has given me great support over the years. I hope that in the future the actors will find a role model not only in work, but in everyday life, between victories and defeats. Thank you. Alain Delon ”, quoting the Spanish newspaper “Marker“.

You can read more about Alan’s story of woe in the video above.

Alain Delon on euthanasia: ‘The most logical thing to do’

Alain Delon has spoken in favor of euthanasia in the past. This is “the most logical and natural thing you can do.” Further: “At a certain age and point in time, we are entitled to peacefully leave this world without the assistance of a hospital or life support equipment.”

In 2019, Alain Delon suffered Multiple strokes and cerebral hemorrhage. Since then, the 86-year-old is said to have been severely physically restrained. His wife, Natalie Dillon, 79, died of pancreatic cancer in January 2021. It is also said that she had the desire to profit from euthanasia. However, this was not possible due to the legal situation in France.

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