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BlackRock Launches DAX ETF |  Products |  05/20/2021

BlackRock Launches DAX ETF | Products | 05/20/2021

The world’s largest ETF provider has listed the iShares DAX ESG UCITS ETF (DE) on the Xetra trading platform. Trace error for classic DAX should be max 1.5 percent.

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To meet the growing demand from institutional investors for sustainable investments, BlackRock launched the iShares DAX ESG UCITS ETF (DE). It’s the first ETF to track the DAX ESG Target Net Return Index – a sustainable variant of the German DAX stock index from Qontigo, investment information provider at Deutsche Börse. The fund will be listed on Xetra from 20 May 2021. It was launched by BlackRock Asset Management Germany and managed by the Fund Management Team in Munich. BlackRock will let you know this by broadcast.

Just like the iShares Core Dax UCITS ETF (DE), in which investors are currently investing around € 7 billion, the new fund allows for broad exposure to German blue chips. The iShares DAX ESG UCITS ETF (DE) is increasing the ESG rating for the entire portfolio, the so-called ESG score, compared to its counterpart in existence since 2000. At the same time, the DAX ESG Target’s net return index maintains the risk profile and revert to the main DAX index, where Trace error is limited to 1.5 percent maximum.

For BlackRock, the iShares DAX ESG UCITS ETF (DE) is another step towards cementing sustainability as the new investment benchmark. The ETF is subject to Article 8 of the European Union Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). In addition, it does justice to the concept of sustainable investment product classification that was jointly developed by the German BVI Trust, the German Derivatives Association (DDV) and the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (DK) comprehensive banking association. (Aa)