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Blizzard reveals the first details about the Battle Pass

Blizzard reveals the first details about the Battle Pass

After a brief period Diablo 4 release date announced Blizzard tells more information. In the live stream, the development team went into more detail about the Battle Pass.

Like many other online games at the moment, this role-playing game from Blizzard will also be equipped with a seasonal model after release. At regular intervals there should be new fun content on the one hand, but also new cosmetic rewards on the other. Exactly what that would look like was given by the makers in the livestream.

Diablo 4: Premium Battle Pass with no pay-to-win factor

Accordingly, there will be a free and paid Battle Pass in Diablo 4. Both come with various cosmetic rewards, with the premium variant naturally including more skins and additional customization options. The Battle Pass is said to cost $10.

You can also use the Battle Pass to unlock various boosts, such as experience points. According to Blizzard, these boosts will always be included in the free version so there is no pay-to-win system. Also, some boosts will be tied to different character levels, so buying higher levels in the Battle Pass shouldn’t give you any advantages in that regard either.

Like the season itself, the Battle Pass will last for about three months. The developers estimate that it will take players about 75 hours on average to complete the pass. Of course, numbers can still be changed prior to release.

The beginning of the first season is not upon release

When Diablo 4 is released on June 6, 2023, it will not coincide with the start of the RPG’s first season. Instead, the season will start after only a few weeks, because at the beginning players must focus on the current content.

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Additionally, players who purchase the more expensive Deluxe or Ultimate edition do not gain any time advantage on the leaderboards. After all, buyers of these versions can already Enter the world of Diablo 4 four days ago.

Apart from the Premium Battle Pass, seasons and associated updates are released for free for Diablo 4. On the other hand, new chapters or even story additions are likely to cost money, as was the case with previous parts of the series. In this regard, however, there is currently no announcement.

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