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It looks like the first DLC is already being planned

It looks like the first DLC is already being planned

Soulslike was recently released Readings (P)From 52.99 euros He buys), which takes place in the world of Pinocchio. The developer’s career page already gives a small hint that DLC may soon follow – or at least will.

Lies of P is an action adventure, more precisely spiritualWhere you face difficult bosses. It has achieved very high ratings and also gets a lot of points from us. It received an overall rating of “Very Good” – Click here for the full test.

Lies of P: The developer is looking for employees for the DLC

Developer Coyan Newways It advertises a job and basically explains what Lies of P is about and what successes it has had. The subtitle “DLC planned for production” caught the attention of a fan on Twitter. Okami13 then posted a screenshot of the job advertisement and marked the spot in question.

Based on this information, we can assume that Neowiz is definitely planning DLC ​​for Lies of P. Since the game was only released a few weeks ago and there is only talk of planning, it’s likely that new content will still be available Keep waiting. This gives players enough time to take on new Soulslike bosses before they want more content.

In Lies of P, players assume a role Pinocchio, a puppet made by wood carver Geppetto who is making his way through the infested city of Krat. Using different weapons, you will face difficult boss battles and have to choose between truth and lies. The story can be continued with downloadable content (DLC) and new boss battles can be added. to Particularly difficult opponents We’ve also created some guides for you so you don’t have to spend a lot of time wondering how to get around it.

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It’s currently not entirely clear when the DLC will be officially announced by Neowiz. However, this has likely happened since the job advert was posted. When the time comes, we’ll let you know, of course. Until then there is one Expansion for Dave the Diver And collectively Amazon Prime Day offers To discover.