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BMW 750e xDrive: partly electric luxury liner for another world

BMW 750e xDrive: partly electric luxury liner for another world

The new BMW 7 Series in action Rolling cinema Obviously, there is not enough space for passengers in the back. Even if the temptation is great given the display factor offered by the system, which can be ordered for good money (5,655 euros), with a 31-inch panoramic screen popping up from the roof lining.

In the 750e configuration, more emphasis is placed on how it behaves A combination of a six-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor In practice driving boring holds. What about the ones promised by BMW? Electric range of up to 87 km It actually stands.

The answer to the question of scope is not easy to provide. The test vehicle’s on-board computer, which takes into account previous consumption values, showed a range of up to 89 km when the battery is fully charged. However, this can only be bypassed once if you Against on-board computer algorithms duty.

Geolocation sets the pace

Unless you drive exclusively in an area you pass through Geolocation Stored on the car’s on-board navigation system as an electric driving zone (like the Vienna zones within the Beltway), the electronic know-how decides that after the start phase, driving will no longer be exclusively electric. Instead, a message pops up on the center display announcing that the remaining battery charge has now run out For as fuel efficient driving as possible Uses. And without the travelers deciding for themselves.

They still have the option to block a specific charge level for later use. If the destination is entered into the navigation system and the last kilometers of the route are in a city or city centre, the algorithms ensure that some electricity is saved or recharged in a timely manner by means of recovery.

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Helplessness or assistance through algorithms

The bottom line is that it still stands Message to officials Behind the wheel: setting direction and speed Let the car do the rest itself.

Whether this access Disability or assistance What is seen may be in the eye of the beholder.

Although the BMW 750e is suitable for European roads Abundant proportions (It’s about 5.4 meters long and 2.20 meters wide including the outside mirrors) and can move with surprising agility if that counts. that it When fully loaded it weighs 3.1 tons The fact that he narrowly missed out on getting his truck driver’s license is of course notable – especially in the late stages. But thanks Four-wheel steering And with a nicely tuned chassis, you can do more on winding mountain roads (assuming the road width is right) than you’d think given its dimensions.

Even if this is not the 750e’s preferred application area. This is probably more likely between one or the other Giant Chinese city Or on wide Streets of the Emirates Lying down.

Many people also talk about this impression Style elementsWhich BMW gave the new 7 Series. And it’s not just the respectable fascia with the massive BMW grille and narrow headlight eyes. What’s going on stylistically in the interior when it comes to… Bling Bling customers It is based on this and goes beyond the ideas of European style.

Noticeable consumption values

So back to the obvious numbers: on the mixed test route with parts of urban roads, highways and country roads, it was possible The practical average is between 6.2 and 6.5 l/100 km He achieves. Which is pretty impressive for a road cruiser of these dimensions.

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It is also to BMW’s credit that despite the strong electric range, the temptation to permanently reduce the size of the petrol tank has been resisted. With a capacity of 65 litres, it’s just 9 liters less than the diesel model, giving the hybrid a powerful feel Total range is more than 700 km.

Conclusion: A great engineering achievement for a world beyond European roads.

The bulky look won’t be an issue there either.