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Protective clothing for cyclists |

Protective clothing for cyclists |

The Italian company specializing in technical cycling clothing Q36.5 has developed cycling jerseys and shorts with a sort of crumple zone in the exposed areas.

Unlike motorcycle clothing, road cycling clothing is usually not equipped with special fall protection elements – although in both cases involuntary painful contact with the road can occur. Q36.5, a company providing innovative cycling clothing in South Tyrol, is building a bridge here and offering cycling shirts and shorts that aim to better protect the skin in particularly critical areas than the usual thin textiles.

Mesh structure

This innovation is called “Grid Skin” with the technical abbreviation “GRDXKN”, which looks like a rear collision: areas with a 3D grid-shaped structure are combined in the shoulders and hips, which experience has shown can be used especially exposed During a fall (for the knees there… the shorts from the summer collection have no protection). This is intended to absorb shock to some extent; In tests (conducted by the manufacturer) with simulations up to 100 km/h, the abrasion resistance proved to be five times higher than that of untreated fabric.

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Outfitted with mesh leather, the Gregarius Vest and Stripe Shorts feature all the other features, too, from soft seat padding to cheerful wide straps to reflective accents. However, it also costs very little: 226.23 or 196.72 euros, and is available online at, among others.

Tire product recall from Italy

There is a product recall for a tire tested in this section: Pirelli has identified “problems with ‘P ZERO Race TLR’ tire compatibility” with some tires; Tires size 28-622 produced in weeks 10-24 of 2023 should not be used as a precaution.