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BMW demonstrates how driving works using augmented reality glasses

BMW demonstrates how driving works using augmented reality glasses

German automaker BMW is introducing a new car experience via augmented reality (AR) at CES 2024. The process uses a headset to overlay graphics onto the outside world. For the first time, the company allows interested parties to sit in a properly equipped car. The demonstration will take place using the BMW iX M60 electric car. XREAL Air 2 is used as AR glasses. During the test drive, passengers can use the headset to enjoy navigation arrows and entertainment content along with the actual surroundings.

BMW shows the future of augmented reality for cars

This is what driving with augmented reality glasses looks like

AR-enabled glasses display graphics on transparent, switchable screens. Since the outside world is rich with additional information, it is also referred to as augmented reality. These headphones are mainly used for video gaming and entertainment. But BMW also sees legitimate application scenarios in vehicles. As part of the current Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is showcasing augmented reality in an expensive iX M60 (from €143,650).

Visitors to the Las Vegas trade show can walk in, put on the XREAL Air 2 AR glasses and drive across the trade show grounds and city streets. Navigation is visualized through conveniently displayed arrows, and when parking there is a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. The warnings are also intended to support drivers. Quick access options are also available, for example for entertainment and games. Company Notessaid that with Meta Reality and XREAL it is making “significant progress in preparing to integrate the XR series of external devices” into its driving experience.

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BMW is investing a lot of work in augmented reality

The car manufacturer has been working on developments around the topics of augmented reality and mixed reality (MR) since 2008. In 2015, BMW presented MINI Augmented Vision, the prototype of its AR glasses. The collaboration with Meta Reality Labs began about two years ago. The headphones department of the parent company, Facebook, has great experience in this field through its Meta Quest products, Ray-Ban smart glasses, and others. BMW also has ConnectedRide smart glasses for its motorcycles in its portfolio and offers an M Mixed Reality driving experience.

In another report, we will take a look at innovations in the field of streaming and gaming from BMW.

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