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Google stops 17 jobs for its Assistant

Google stops 17 jobs for its Assistant

Since it is used so rarely, Google is removing a lot of features from its Assistant.

Google has one existing from 17 jobs The company published it at the end of January Google Assistant He will remove. Google says this is because these functions are not used frequently enough.

Among the 17 features are:

  • Audio books Google Play Books can no longer be controlled via voice commands, only using a smartphone
  • Setup or use Media alerts, music alerts or Wake up radio On devices that support Google Assistant. Instead, it is suggested to set up a routine or use a standard alarm
  • Access and manage cooking bookPlay recipe videos and view step-by-step recipe instructions
  • administration stopwatch On displays and smart speakers. Timers and alarms can still be set
  • One is via voice command Email, video or voice message Sends. Calls and text messages are still possible
  • contemplation With calm
  • an offer Sleep summary Only possible on smart screens
  • Calls made via smart speakers and displays are not included Caller ID Shown (only when used on Duo).

Suspended as of January 26

These functions will be turned off January 26. Only recently has it been revised Cold merge Announce. Google claims that it wants to improve Assistant with these measures and focus on more important functions.

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