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BMX road in the exhibition center in danger -

BMX road in the exhibition center in danger –


After the much-discussed “off” of the BMX track in Salzburg-Josefiau, a similar route near the exhibition center is now in danger. It is also in a protected mud forest. A decision will be made in October on how to proceed there.

There was great outrage at the end of the BMX road in Josefiau, due to the city and state administrative court’s decision of the “forced reorganization”. There was very little space left. In the summer, city politicians had to hurry to find an alternative area nearby.

Local inspection end of October

Now, the same rage will likely also be close to the home’s exhibition center. There, too, there’s been a self-made BMX track in the sheltered Itzlinger Au, near the Salzach Bridge, for decades. The fact that the authority had ever realized this came to light during the discussion of Josephiau.

In such a case, the municipality has to step in because it is a legally protected forest. At the end of October, there will be an on-site inspection with experts and the state Environmental Ombudsman’s office. Most likely, it will have to be decided that almost everything there, as in Josefiau, will have to be filled.

Cycling in the woods before 1992

However, individuals from the area are trying to continue to enable cycling in the forest. You are looking for photos of this cycle bike taken prior to 1992 to prove that it existed before the Itzlinger Au was put under protection and that at least this part can be preserved.

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