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Bö continues to dominate biathlon – power outages in Ruhpolding

Bö continues to dominate biathlon – power outages in Ruhpolding

Norway’s dominant Johannes Thingnes Bo celebrated his eighth victory of the season at the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding, unaffected by a power outage at the event site.

The four-time Olympic champion won the 20,000 individual race despite two penalties, 9.9 seconds ahead of compatriot Vettel Sgastad Christiansen, who scored one penalty. The third was Jakov Vac from Slovenia (+29.3). David Komitz and Simon Eder rounded out the top 15.

Power outages during races

During the race, the electricity went out several times in the stadium. Television broadcasts and lighting at the shooting range were also temporarily cut off. However, timekeeping continued, as reported by the IBU. The jury meeting after the race must provide information about the validity of the settlement.

Komatz is 14th, Eder is 15th

Subject to confirmation, Komatz finished 14th after a minute penalty, more than two and a half minutes behind the once again outstanding Bö, who celebrated his 60th World Cup victory. Eder finished 15th just behind Styrian, the third-place finisher in the previous world championship conceding two minutes from the penalty spot, but capitalized on the driving force of Sturla Holm Laegreid (4th) en route, behind whom he completed large parts of the course.

The other three Austrians did not reach the top 60. Lucas Pitzer was 94th and last with ten penalties. It wasn’t Felix Leitner to begin with. Tyrolean tries to get in better shape with the training block. The second competition on Thursday is the women’s singles.

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