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After the criticism: Former ÖSV chief Peter Schroksnadel: “Patrick Ortlieb should stay in the kitchen”

The crisis of ÖSV technicians is currently the topic of conversation par excellence in skiing. And as Manuel Feller encourages ServusTV’s “Sport and Talk” – “You haven’t forgotten how to skate, you’re just stuck in your head. Maybe not everyone will survive. But those who survive will come back much stronger.” – , the thorn that Patrick Ortlieb, Chief Financial Officer of ÖSV pulled out before Christmas, is still deep in some others. Vorarlberger in charge of Alpine sports has spoken of too many coaches, even if he now rules out personnel changes during the season. Talk about “chaos” that has been taken over.

Above all, ex-president Peter Schroxnadel was outraged. For him, problems are self-made. “The new management has more or less replaced the entire management team. With Tony Geiger, Patrick Rimmel, Eddie Unterberger and Christian Mitter, four senior executives have been let go. No company can handle this bloodshed without leaving a trace.” For him, Shrews bartender, a change in service in Katarina Linsberger has far more serious consequences than a change of coach “but you probably underestimated it.”

“Apparently he can’t.”

Basically, Tyrol is still very disappointed with the new leadership – or rather, with Patrick Ortlieb. “I once wanted him to be my successor. But it seems he can’t. I read that he must help out in the hotel kitchen. How can someone who has no business of his own under control run the association?” , etces The 81-year-old adds: “It would be better for OSV if Patrick Ortlieb stayed in the kitchen and gave up all his jobs in the association, otherwise it would ruin him.”

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His successor at the federation, Roswitha Stadlober, was not averse to any changes in Flachau’s night slalom practice squad. “It’s about women, it’s about successful sport for our women — there’s nothing out of the question,” she said. However, the team must make these changes: “If there is a change in competencies, it has to come from the team. I don’t decide it, the sports director (Herbert Mandel, note) and the coach (Thomas Trinker, note) decide,” said the Salzburg native. From APA – Austrian Press Agency. In the first step, the trainers must also be trained.