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Boeing's new headquarters near Washington - Boeing shares drop |  5/6/22

Boeing’s new headquarters near Washington – Boeing shares drop | 5/6/22

The Boeing Aerospace and Armaments Group is moving its headquarters from Chicago to near Washington, DC.

The American company announced, Thursday evening, that the new headquarters will be located at the Boeing site in Arlington, Virginia. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said the new location is close to customers and partners and provides access to world-class engineering and technical talent. The United States government is the most important customer of Boeing’s defense business. The group still wanted to remain strongly represented at the group’s former headquarters in Chicago and in Illinois there.

Nothing will change at the headquarters of the company’s three divisions: the Commercial Aircraft Division will remain in Seattle, the Services division in Plano, Texas, and the Arms and Aerospace division in Arlington, where the company is now headquartered. Boeing now also wants to set up a research and technology center in Northern Virginia.

Boeing shares are now down 2.51 percent on the New York Stock Exchange at $146.61.

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