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Strabag appoints Klemens Haselsteiner as new CEO

Strabag appoints Klemens Haselsteiner as new CEO

The construction group Strabag will have a new CEO at the beginning of 2023: Thomas Bertel (68) will hand over the top position to Klemens Haselsteiner (41). Birtel has reached the age limit and is leaving the company after ten years as CEO.

Klemens Haselsteiner, son of Hans Peter Haselsteiner, has been a member of the Strabag Group’s Board of Directors since 2020, where he founded and established a new division for Digitization, Corporate Development and Innovation. Prior to that, he had already worked with the group in Russia and Germany, working in the Stuttgart division, first as commercial division manager and then sub-division manager in a leadership position.

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